Why Metal Cards?

Made from high-grade rigid stainless steel, these rolled steel metal cards from the Metal Card Company are designed to make a lasting impression.

They’re ideal as a super-slick metal business card, club membership or VIP card, as an event invitation, metal badge or luggage tag. All of our cards are made-to-order in a range of stunning finishes, from natural matt-finished stainless steel or ultra-premium matt black, to mirror and brushed stainless steel finishes in a range of colours: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, or distressed antique finishes and gun-metal.

Our advanced etching process means that your artwork is translated to the surface of the metal with superb precision for even the finest of fonts and graphics. You can also choose to cut all the way through the metal or even alter the shape of the card’s perimeter, meaning that you can have square, circular, oblong, rounded corners – whatever you want.

To help your process, we’ve created some handy artwork guidelines and design resources for you to download. You’ll need to provide us with graphics to begin with – ideally these will be created using vector drawing programmes. (normally your designer will be able to give you an .eps of your logo, however if not, we may be able to help).

“Our New VIP Membership cards are Fantastic. Nice work.”


The market’s crowded, you’ve got one chance to impress, the question is more, why not use Metal Cards?


Please get in touch and let us know what you need. As long as the shape you want to create fits within the dimensions of a standard card, A7, A6 or even A5 – there’s often no additional charge.  Enter your details below and we’ll get back to you right away…

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